Our main goal is to develop pupils’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills as well as to build their confidence in communicating with English.

To achieve this, we have employed several strategies:

  • The Integrated English Language Programme (IELP) - School-based Reading and Writing curriculum for Primary 1 and 2
  • School-based Language Arts and Phonics Programme for Primary 1 and interactive reading programmes for Primary 2 and 3
  • School-based Reading Workshops from Primary 3 to 6
  • Using various learning apps, online resources and E-textbooks from Primary 4 to 6
  • Organizing fun English activities such as English Day, APSSS English Theatre, English Challenge Day and P.6 Interviewing Tourists Day

Student Showcase (click here)

English ETV (click here)

Activity Highlights

Phonics Activity
Group Writing Activity
Role Play
Puppet Show in the Reading Workshop
Interview Tourists Day
Use of Quizziz
English Ambassadors
English Day
English Day
Learn about Other Culture and Food
English Show
English Ambassador Golf Swing Outing
Rugby English
Professional Development Workshop on Drama Teaching
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